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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Towards Submissions and "meeting" the Green Fairy

So I tried "absinthe" for the first time last night. Actually it was Absente, which is labeled as an anise liqueur since it has added sugar and uses Southern Wormwood instead of the traditional wormwood. A friend had bought it and wanted us to try it. Luckily it comes with its own spoon.

Now I'm not a big fan of anise at all, I hate the taste of licorice, so I wasn't too thrilled with the flavor initially. I could grow to like it over time if I wanted. The texture, that's another story. Man that stuff was smooth, soft, and maybe a bit rubbery. Like drinking a liquefied balloon. I loved the texture. I think next time I try absinthe I'll want to try the real thing though. Probably best to shop online for it, hooray for Google shopping.

In other news I got an account at Duotrope's Digest finally. It looks very convenient and would be an easy way to organize my submissions. Search for where I want to submit, take the time to read through and then decide which poems I want to send. Hopefully I can see publication somewhere in the coming months. If not, well I just keep trying and keep writing. After my last entry I ended up drafting up three pieces. One of them which I will definitely be using, it went through some editing today. Also worked on some editing for Miss California's ABCs, which I will be re-reading at the Open Mic All-Stars.

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