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I'm a small-town poet in both written word and performance. I'm more influenced by rock and roll but I am also a lit-chick full of curiosity. My influences are far and wide and I can find writing inspiration in anything, from important matters to pure whimsy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Towards Submissions and "meeting" the Green Fairy

So I tried "absinthe" for the first time last night. Actually it was Absente, which is labeled as an anise liqueur since it has added sugar and uses Southern Wormwood instead of the traditional wormwood. A friend had bought it and wanted us to try it. Luckily it comes with its own spoon.

Now I'm not a big fan of anise at all, I hate the taste of licorice, so I wasn't too thrilled with the flavor initially. I could grow to like it over time if I wanted. The texture, that's another story. Man that stuff was smooth, soft, and maybe a bit rubbery. Like drinking a liquefied balloon. I loved the texture. I think next time I try absinthe I'll want to try the real thing though. Probably best to shop online for it, hooray for Google shopping.

In other news I got an account at Duotrope's Digest finally. It looks very convenient and would be an easy way to organize my submissions. Search for where I want to submit, take the time to read through and then decide which poems I want to send. Hopefully I can see publication somewhere in the coming months. If not, well I just keep trying and keep writing. After my last entry I ended up drafting up three pieces. One of them which I will definitely be using, it went through some editing today. Also worked on some editing for Miss California's ABCs, which I will be re-reading at the Open Mic All-Stars.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Open Mic, Events

I attended open mic night this past Thursday, it's one of the highlights of my month. Not just because I get to read for an audience, but because I enjoy watching other talented people as well, and believe me, I see many.
I also will be reading at the open mic all-stars on June 6 as well. Although I have yet to be chosen as audience favorite, there needs to be people representing literary art. I feel honored to be invited and am grateful.

I finally got my flyers up for my event on June 5. They're all over town and once I figure out how to share them online I will do that. It should be a fun night for all who attend, whether you're reading or just coming to watch and listen.

I have so many ideas for new poems in my head right now. It's kind of dizzying. Lines and concepts will come to me, and always at times when I can't just sit and write them out. Such as when I'm at work, I'm too busy there most nights to sit down for a few and jot things down. I have to remember what I want to write. Fortunately I'm improving as a writer in terms of getting my ideas out and drafting pieces. Since I moved from just writing in private to being able to read my work and beyond I've been learning. I've learned so much in these past months in terms of refining my poems and finding other ways to get them out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Been Busy

I finally have a flyer design I like, I'll share it later. I hope to have copies printed and placed around town tomorrow.
I tried both Open Office Draw and Scribus, definitely went with Open Office. Scribus just seemed too clunky for my use. Open Office is more user-friendly, just needed to do something in terms of my design style. I also went to and downloaded a bunch of fonts. I check the individual terms for fonts since I'm not the one who designed them. Not too concerned at the moment because I'm not doing anything that creates profit. My event is going to be free admission so the only thing I can share is my own art.

Finished up the semester, I'll miss working at the college. It was bittersweet to leave, but I have somewhere else to go this fall. Maybe if I wind up going into teaching I'll work at North Country again.

Cathy (my Mom's girlfriend) also graduated from Plattsburg State this past Saturday with a BA in Studio Art. She graduated summa cum laude, I as a non-biological daughter am proud.

Now I'm taking time to unwind. This is my first Monday after my internship, I kind of feel at a loss of what to do. I know I have plenty I can work on, but nothing structured. It's kind of stressing me out a bit, I've been a bit irritable these past couple days (sorry Steve, I know you bear the brunt of it). I'm trying to relax and get a summer plan for myself going so I can get to work. I told my paying job the kind of hours I want, basically I'm more flexible but don't work me too much. I'm focusing on my writing and of course I'd notify in advance if I'm doing something related to my writing that's scheduled. That way I have plenty of time to write, and read through journals. No guarantee I'll have anything published this year, but I'm persistent and know I have to take disappointment well. Of course I'll share the flyer when I have it finalized.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

News in Writing.

I found out about Laura Dockrill (Dockers MC) through an article on young British Poets I find her to be rather awesome. Seeing that there is a growing movement for younger people getting into poetry, especially the performance end excites me. It makes me wish I lived in England.

I like to check the Poetry Foundation's news to see what is going on. Since poetry is so ingrained in our culture, even if it feels like a niche art. Plus I get to see what other amazing things are happening in the literary world. For instance, I came across an article on the Poetry Brothel in NYC, a major city for poets. I find this idea rather smashing as well, bringing a mix of old and new for art. Makes me wish I could live in NYC as well. I am planning a trip over the summer, if it falls on the night the Brothel is held, I'll see if I can go.
Other Links about the Poetry Brothel:
Official site only gives an overview and the date of the next Brothel.
Official Myspace I'll add them once I do have the time to make an elegant Myspace. Seems every night I make plans for it things come up -_-'
Another article with a video

I guess part of this shows my visual kei influence comes in. I love presentation as much as I love the work itself. I feel that if it's done right it enhances the work overall. I love the idea of people in costumes giving readings, heck I love dressing up when I go to open mic. My fiance frequently tells me I have a "poet style" on nights I go to read. I know I'm still developing as an artist, I'm still finding my voice. I take in whatever's catching my interest and what reverberates with the kind of art I want to do. I know in America much of the "hip" poetry is connected to hip-hop, making me an odd-duck for being more rock and glam. I don't feel it really sets me apart or anything, it's still all about the poems and finding the best way to express them. Speaking of which, I do hope my Def Poetry Jam DVDs come in soon. I have notices from all sellers stating they've shipped.

I also see that the White House had their Poetry Jam, I'm glad the country is growing more vibrant in the arts. Apparently the last administration cancelled poetry events because so many poets are against war. Speaking of which, poets are performing on the street again in Basra, culture is thriving.

I've been thinking of turning my planned slam into a jam. Hope it makes people feel more invited to read. I really need to get those flyers done. Couldn't print them at home, between being out of paper and finding out that Open Office can't read .pub files. I'll be sure to get them out sometime soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Work's Done

Updating from the college again.

I did get more information for my slam. Looks like I'll be holding it on June 5, the day before the Open Mic All-Stars which I will be reading at. Further details will emerge, but I now have enough info to get some sort of flyer typed up. I've already figured that if this one isn't successful I'll let it rest for the summer. It's hard getting people to art events, and the venue I'm at doesn't have stage space in the summer. I will hold the event outside weather permitting though. If it is a success, expect more in the summer. If not, I'll wait until the fall. At least by then I'll hopefully have gone to NYC for a vacation and will have seen a slam in action. Rather than just do research on how to conduct one, see some youtube clips, and fly by the seat of my pants like I'm doing now.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gearing up

I just got a gmail account, I'll need to change the settings for that. Currently I'm using my private e mail for blogger. I"d just prefer to have a private and a "business" account for the sake of organization. Makes things easier really.

I did the draft for my flyer, I'm not used to doing one from scratch at all. I'll definitely need to do another one. Open Office Draw does not have templates to work from like Microsoft does, but why pay so much when I can have a free program that pretty much does the same thing?

Feels like a real work day for me. I just sent my advisor my revised essay for my degree plan as well, and I need to head over to Bluseed after lunch to see what help I can get for starting up a poetry slam. I have everything I need information wise, just seeing if I can get another volunteer or two to help me with the actual event. It should be cool once things get up and running. This is the first time I've tried to organize an event, hopefully take II will be a success!

Can't wait to get home and have some lunch, and coffee. I didn't get much sleep last night, my sleep schedule's been screwed up lately. My actual paying job has become more stressful with business picking up. Keeping up with things has become so much harder! Hoping things quiet down soon there, I really don't like nights where I can't get everything done. Money's money though, gotta pay the bills and put food on the table. Until next time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Business Day

I've designated this my "business" day. Like I'll get very much done. It's may, and National Poetry Month has come and gone. It's actually pretty hard for me to write when I don't have a stroke of inspiration. I feel it's helped me grow though and I've accomplished much. I've explored different subjects and themes and can write out my aggravations and make them eloquent now. I used to only be able to write about my aggravations as rants instead of poems.

I haven't done much work today though. I actually got up from a nap a little while ago and now I'm grooving to some Lady Gaga. Was talking with a friend on the phone, he's coming up next weekend to stay. He's turning 21 next week and wants to hang out with his already over 21 friends.

Oh yeah, business. Mainly I want to draft up a flyer for an upcoming slam sometime in June. I still need a confirmed date to hold them monthly from the owner of the establishment I'll be holding it at. Discuss things with some of the local artists who hang out there since a lot of them support what I'm doing. At this point in time there's only one other poet who regularly reads her work at open mics. I have high aspirations for this thing, but who knows. Originally I was going to host them for a local coffee shop (did I already mention this?). Well nobody really showed up except for one audience member who regularly visits there anyways. And now the place is closed due to poor business.

My writing career is very young, but it has that youthful vigor like it can take over the world. Fortunately the people I meet encourage this behavior from my career. Maybe it's because I hope to show the world that poetry doesn't have to be boring, or highbrow. It's all about expression and passion ! You don't have to be stuffy to enjoy.