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I'm a small-town poet in both written word and performance. I'm more influenced by rock and roll but I am also a lit-chick full of curiosity. My influences are far and wide and I can find writing inspiration in anything, from important matters to pure whimsy.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big News!

In a little less than an hour I'm going to be on the road en route to New York City for Comic Con. Tickets are for Friday, so when I get there I'll very likely be gallery hopping. Including a stop at The Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg.

Why am I doing this? I can happily announce that I will be blogging for Saranac Lake's own botique gallery The Local Fringe It will be art and culture, so you can expect interviews, discussions, reviews of films, including documentaries, music, etc. There is the possibility of a zine in the future for submitted work as a way to expand and encompass creative culture.

I am excited about this trip, even if it is going to be rather whirlwind. I love NYC, plus I really need to get out of town for a couple days. It seems that this week has been full of crazy between the paying job, a water main break in the town, my significant other experimenting, etc. A bit of traveling and hopefully some networking will let everything here set itself right.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They Had it Coming

Every child who attends school should feel they are in a safe, nurturing environment. Schools all over the country have failed children in this respect.

A recent case in my community, is a perfect example. Despite an alleged anti-bullying policy being put in place, the victim was continually harassed. You can't just tell a child to "turn the other cheek" and expect the bullies to go away. If anything they appear to have become crueler.

Bullying is an issue that's close to my heart. As a child I myself was bullied. While not as bad as what this poor girl has gone through, elementary through middle school was filled with name-calling, shunning, the occasional physical altercation and phone calls to the school or bus garage. The only way anything was done, was when my parents demanded it. They had to tell the bus garage that I was to sit in the front of the bus because of all the times I've been tripped, had things thrown at me, had my hair pulled, been hit and other forms of harassment. I was to blame for the smell whenever the bus rolled by a skunk or some rotting roadkill.

One incident in sixth grade sticks out in my mind. When I entered middle school word got around that I was the "weird kid" who was a popular target in my elementary school. I was being bullied but kids I never met. One group of "popular girls" decided they would pretend to be my friends, so they could tell me to ditch my true friends at the time. The school knew about it from day one thanks to some concerned students. The ringleader let her cohorts do much of the harassment when it was found out I knew what they were up to. The following weeks were filled with nasty phone calls to my house, me getting chased, verbally harassed, my desk was vandalized. The teacher knew and lightly disciplined the students by making them write meaningless apology letters. They didn't actually do anything until one day I snapped and almost beat some kids with my chair. If the teacher hadn't walked in I would have beaten these kids. IT TOOK ME ALMOST COMMITTING ASSAULT FOR THE SCHOOL TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! My proper complaints to the teacher just weren't working. The discipline was so weak that the kids harassing me just kept it up and "played" nice.

Of course this isn't about me moping over my past. I've made peace with some of my former bullies, and the ones who haven't grown up have grown up to remain losers going nowhere.

It's sad to see that things haven't changed much since I left middle school a half a lifetime ago. The family suing has had to deal with their daughter facing racism, assault including sexual assault, and property damage to name a few from her peers. The slur (fxxxxxg nxxxxr) written on the sidewalk in her deodorant wasn't cleaned off until a week later. She was place in situation where she had to work amongst her attackers. Anti bullying policy my ass. If they had a real anti bullying policy something would have been done about the assaults, something would have been done about the fact this poor kid was stuck going to school in a hostile environment. To be honest, they had it coming. It's about time somebody sued them. Handling these problems on school level haven't worked. Getting the police involved hasn't worked. Maybe a lawsuit will open their eyes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Been a While

Sorry I don't keep up on this blog often enough. I don't really feel that everyone wants to hear about my adventures in schoolwork. The good news is I should be updating more as there is more going on in my life now.
Regarding school, I am taking my final class, it's a literature one so it'll be an enjoyable end. Plenty of intriguing books to read and discuss.

Open mics at BluSeed start up this Thursday! It'll be exciting to take the stage again. I took a break over the summer after spending the last two summers working on my own shows. I spent my non paying job and school time relaxing and doing nerd things. Sometimes you need that downtime to sort your thoughts and refresh your energy. Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things I am revved up and ready to go.

Speaking of which, I shall soon be blogging for art gallery The Local Fringe! Things are still in the planning stages right now but so far the plans are for an art and culture blog. This gallery is an awesome place and if you're ever in the Tri-Lakes area I encourage you to visit! I'll give more details as things pull together.

With this new gallery gig, activities related to it, and possible opportunities I'll have more to talk about.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


The year is winding down, and I am wound-up.

The semester is coming to a close (thank goodness!) and I have been rushing around trying to finish up final projects. Three classes after this and I'll graduate. Already registered for the spring!

Holidays, Mom put me in charge of dessert for Christmas dinner this year. I'm known for making lots and lots of amazing cookies. I'll probably start on more cookies tomorrow evening. I'm too busy today. Got half my gift wrapping done, still need to wrap gifts for my family.

Last Friday I had my first non Open-mic or personal show performances. It was for an art reception. Okay it was at BluSeed, but the suggestion that I read came from an artist friend who thought it would be cool, and BluSeed has a stage so there was no special set up involved.

I've had two meetings this week, and another one to attend this afternoon. I went to the ArtWorks meeting Tuesday morning, paying job meeting yesterday and a business meeting for Art Works members from the entrepreneur center. It's free and will help the group orchestrate a five year plan since Art Works is growing.

I also have Open-mic tonight! Getting poems ready, show's just mere hours away and I'm putting finishing touches on pieces, but that's how I apparently roll. I'll be fine, just a matter of getting my mind in gear. Don't worry mind, you'll get to relax soon!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Life has been a whirlwind lately.

I registered for classes a short while ago, and I'll need to start buying books. Fortunately if you look in the right places the financial pain isn't as bad. I'm finishing up my American History credits with a course on The Pursuit of Happiness. I don't know why, but up until this point all the classes I took were only partial credit and two halves don't seem to make a whole. I'll also be taking a course on visual literacy, which seems like a good follow-up to communications analysis seeing the unit I had to do on mass media.

Thanksgiving was okay. I had to work at my paying job, and got extra hours because a co worker broke her leg. It was okay until I got the "fuck you" from a guy for just doing my job. Carding laws are a pain in the neck I know, I don't have a choice unless I want to get fired or arrested. I just remind myself that some day I'll be doing something more worthwhile. I've been looking into social media management and maybe I'll contract myself out to area businesses. Do their social networking in exchange for money. It's modern work, and it would give me plenty of time to work on my writing. Weekends and holidays may be a must, but won't be an issue, taking my work with me won't cut into vacation fun, etc. Basically up my alley, especially since I have been having a blast doing social media for Saranac Lake Art Works.

Went to Paul Smiths College for a show last week. Performed at open mic right after. I had to pull a set out of my ear because of all the time I've had to devote to class work. I did okay I feel, it really could have been better. Since I told Steve he could go in my place if I'm not there, I had him on stage with me doing audio experimentation. I guess it made up for the one good, one okay and half finished, and one crappy poem I read. I'll do better next time.

I was also asked to host open mic this coming April for National Poetry Month. Yay I'm moving up in the world. Somewhat. I'm being given local opportunities where venues allow. I've been also asked to read some time in the future at the AUUC (Adirondack Unitarian Universalist Community) which would be awesome too. I recently joined the congregation there, I like the whole here and now focus and lack of dogma. My leanings have always been towards being more humanist-driven and feeling one can make the world a better place, for the sake of just making it a better place.

Peace out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why are we a Culture of Baby Eaters?

I ask because I was making a salad for lunch, to see it is labeled as 'baby lettuces'. Now I have to write a poem about baby eating, we eat baby carrots too. Yet tiny tomatoes are named in comparison to other small fruits, they're not called 'baby tomatoes'.

Been keeping busy, and behaved. School, paying job, volunteer job. Losing motivation but maybe it's because of how I'd been cruising along with homework for these past several weeks. Now between the cold, rain, snow and weeks of work I'm feeling unmotivated. My paying job is over the worst of the renovations, just nuts and bolts. It feels so different now, not the old, dingy, cramped store it once way. Yet working in that dingy old place for nearly seven years has kind of messed up my mind. The volunteer job, well that's a whole new experience. I do get paid, it's a barter system. I offer one service, and get another in return.

My world has been stable. Seeing if I can get some transportation for the 18th. Another installation of Word! at Paul Smiths' College. I'd have to miss performing at open mic very likely, but it's a sacrifice I'll make to see other awesome poets in action.

Glad election season is over too, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't have as many calls, although the mailings have been regular. Crazy Carl wasn't elected which is a relief. Political parties aside, he was just so inconsistent and came off as unstable. Remember the Dean Scream years ago? Picking fights, words and actions not matching up, not sure if I'd have someone like that running my state. We'll see how the country fares in the next couple years.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Week In the Hamster Wheel of Life

I'm adjusting to my new social media position. Taking the time to learn how to optimize the pages I run for Art Works and what I can do in the near future. I have a ton of ideas, but many of them will have to be proposed next meeting. I'm excited to do a presentation on what I can do for Art Works and the benefits of using online mediums for promotion/connection to the audience.

I'm so excited for Word! tomorrow night. It will be an exciting evening of poetry. Always refreshing. Speaking of refreshing, I've discovered Indiefeed a regular podcast of performance poetry. Plus I've discovered so many other wonderful things through listening, such as different projects and YouTube channels for performance.

Not much else going on, open mic was great. I had another outstanding performance that I'm still receiving compliments for. Thank you everybody, it really means a lot. Compliments keep me going, I know I'm in a productive direction when other artists say nice things to me!

School is the usual. Starting a paper on Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, since her work was interesting. Communications analysis is on a unit on mass media. Intriguing stuff really. I've been on a roll and I'm almost halfway through the term. Plan on wrapping up my studies for the day so I can get some rest before the paying job.

I also discovered something new and awesome. Neatorama has a sub-blog titled Bit Lit which features chapter-by chapter postings of novels, stories and poetry. A new chapter is added every day until a novel is done, and yes they have the rights to post published material from major publishers. A great way to read without adding yet more books to my already crowded apartment.