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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Benefit Concert

Tonight there is going to be a Haiti benefit concert at the Waterhole, featuring some wonderful music, a silent auction with some pretty awesome goods and services and Haitian cocktails. Proceeds will go to the local chapter of the Red Cross for the earthquake relief effort. There's no cover charge, give money as you wish, whether you bid, buy drinks or just put money in the donation pool.

Today's local paper actually ran a story on a group of Haitian refugees who were incarcerated in the early 80s. These men didn't even know they were going to be incarcerated until they arrived at the prison, they just wanted to emigrate to America to work and earn money to help their families. Fortunately out of the situation many locals helped these men out during their time at the prison, providing supplies and care while rallying for their release.

The more I learn about this town, the more amazing it is, even though I've lived in the area practically my whole life. Local history is indeed a very interesting thing. The building I live in first housed a grocery store, which was the first in the village to have a walk-in cooler. Later it became the newspaper offices for almost half a century. Funny seeing that I interned for the local paper last semester.

Classes are off to a start. Been reading and discussing. Today I'm feeling a little tired which is expected after another late night. It was Steve's birthday and we had a friend over as well. It was a fun night overall though. I just need to get my energy back for tonight's show.

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