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Monday, June 15, 2009

Rejection, and Writer's Block

I got my first submission response, a rejection. It's not bothering me too much, but that's because I know I need to take disappointment well and stay determined if I'm to be successful. I'm feeling a little down, but there's just so much else going on that I could consider to be "real" issues. The rejection notice is just something else added to that pile.

Got a writer's group on Thursday, hoping people show up. It's not really being advertised, just a word of mouth promotion. Other writers allowed to attend, throw ideas around. I've never done this before so I'm flying by the seat of my pants on this one. I am a little stressed over that, hoping for a turnout.

Which brings me to the fact that I've had writer's block since my last shows. I've done a piece here and there, but nothing I consider to be quality. I'm trying to pull out of it. Today I wrote something, and then went into how crappy it was and how I know I can do so much better. Interesting slant, not sure if it's publish-worthy, but I took my frustrations and made them into something. I've also tried to work with what I already have. Sent in a second submission, and recorded one of my pieces to music. My fiance says I'm the most productive person he's ever recorded with.

Much of my other frustrations are more personal life related. My paying job is stressful and at times very frustrating. I had a friend over a few nights ago and the cops showed up saying we were being too loud. Somebody called in a complaint about a party, and I think the state troopers who were dispatching that night just wanted to pin the blame on somebody and get it over with. We spoke with our neighbors and they said they couldn't hear anything from our place. Granted the music we were playing could be heard in the hallway, but it should have been quiet in the other apartments. Whatever, I still say I'm innocent, there was no party, the person they originally asked for does not fit the name of anybody in my apartment at the time.

Kinda bummed over having to postpone my NYC trip until next spring at the earliest. My fiance's sister is getting married so we're going to Daytona instead for the wedding. My job is not happy because the wedding takes place over Labor Day weekend. I earned it, I work every other holiday weekend and I haven't seen this part of my family in five years.
Sorry, I usually don't dump my personal life into this blog too much, usually I try to keep it all writing-related.

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