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I'm a small-town poet in both written word and performance. I'm more influenced by rock and roll but I am also a lit-chick full of curiosity. My influences are far and wide and I can find writing inspiration in anything, from important matters to pure whimsy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Upcoming Events

Well tonight I attended SCTY's opening, I learned about it last night. Fantastic show, interesting and whimsical art. Very fun and surreal. I met SCTY member Joshua Ray, and he's an awesome fellow. I wish I could have stayed longer at the gallery but my paying job needed me to save the day. Scheduling there will be a pain for a while, so long as I have a couple certain evenings off next week it's good.

I have two performances. On Tuesday I will be reading at the Open Mic All-Star Invitational/fundraiser event at BluSeed Studios. Then on Thursday I will be back at BluSeed for the first of my summer shows. In conjunction there will also be a paper-making social. For ten dollars you can make your own paper from fabric based pulp. There aren't many places around here where you can make paper. Whether you want to write on it or do some pulp painting (using different colored pulps for abstract creations). I might have a go at it as well depending on time.

In the meantime I've been keeping busy with school and journal submission things. I've had to give myself two weeks for this latest read through/submission because of how much I had to read for my class last week. So long as work to keep myself on track I won't mind the occasional delay. If I'm productive that's what counts.

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