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Friday, May 14, 2010

Losing a Friend

After work Saturday I got the call from my Mom that Trixie passed away. She was a very special cat to me. The family's had her, and her sister Alice, for nearly seventeen years. Luckily it was a peaceful passing, age and illness took her. Last fall she had a stroke which amazingly she recovered from, we were afraid we'd lose her then. She's always been tough, even in her last days despite her weakness she was climbing stairs.

Growing up is a strange experience. For me Trixie helped me through many of the rough spots; bullies, my parents' separation, coming home after my first ventures into the big wide world. Whenever I got home from school or visited with my moms she'd be there to greet me by rolling on the floor. I wasn't her only buddy, but we had a special bond.

I've been feeling rather moody the past week because of it. A bit more down than usual. I didn't have a chance to say goodbye between my paying job and all the other things in my life. I wasn't there to get the phone until it was time for burial. It leaves me feeling a little guilty that I wasn't there for her in her final days. Luckily for me my paying job had already scheduled an extra day off for me out of pure luck, so I've had some space for the most part away from all that madness.

I'm carrying on though. Still reading journals for submissions, sent out my first one on Monday and got a rejection (don't worry noobs, it happens to everybody, a lot). I put up fliers around town on Tuesday for upcoming shows. I also got some business cards made, mainly because I need them for the Art O Matic project I'm contributing to. They have my blog url and my professional email address. Soon I'm hoping to get more social networking things set up. I'll be making a facebook fan page, and I'll look into the new facebook alternative Diaspora. For those who don't like facebook's bullshit. I'll upload some stuff to my Viddler too at some point. I'm not going to set up a Myspace though, it's definitely become old hat.

So as you can see, my world has been a mix of busy and dreary. I went to Mom's to celebrate Mother's day early under morose circumstances. There was snow afterward and I've been grieving while working my ass off.

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