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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pop's Not All Mindless Crap

I feel I should just make a post on just how awesome the new Gorillaz album is. I've always loved Gorillaz, I love the music, I love the concept. I like how the ultimate prefabricated band is at times more real than a lot of the so-called "real" things that are out there. You're invited to indulge in the fantasy of a cartoon band and take it as a believable fantasy. Behind it though there's a lot of fantastic artists working together to raise the bar with pop music and re-define it as something anyone could appreciate. Not just twelve year old girls. And far as I know the twelve year old girls who have discovered Gorillaz went on to liking more eclectic music and have stepped away from the bubblegum stuff "normal" society thinks they should listen to.

Dang I would have shared the video for Stylo but embedding was disabled. Bruce Willis looks like he's having a ton of fun.

I've also found that the latest album, Plastic Beach, is great mood music. Some of the songs have made for great mood music in my story writing. I've been having a difficult time focusing. I never really worked with redrafting until I took that story writing class. I don't know how many times I restarted my latest story before I wrote a draft I actually liked. Poems seem to come easier to me, I write bad ones every now and then, but it's rare I have to completely re draft from scratch. Most of the time editing individual lines and stanzas is enough to give a poem its full potential.

I've also been checking my YouTube stats lately. It seems out of all my poems the most viewed would be my poem slamming bullies. I'm glad people are liking it though, it was very intense for me to write. I spent an afternoon of blood, sweat and tears writing that piece up. Not to mention dredging up my own personal experiences with bullying. I hope those who have suffered through bullying take comfort in my words and those who have bullied see the error in their ways and change for the better. They may eventually become victims of schadenfreude like many of my unapologetic bullies.

Well here's hoping my focus returns so I can finish my school assignments and get these latest poems out of my mind and onto something more tangible. Open mic's a couple weeks away and I've had so many ideas incubating in my brain.

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