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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fracturing Fairy Tales

My layout is finally up! So far for outside networking there's just the link to my Twitter. Hopefully I'll get my other network links up during the week.

Doing last-minute touch-ups on my latest story for my fiction class. I like the story, but it still need something before I turn it in. I really need to send it in soon.

I've gotten my second cold in less than a month, lucky me! I went almost a year without getting sick and now there's something wrong with me all the time. I'm catching colds, messing up my ankle, etc.

As the title states, I've been thinking of fairy tales. Fairy tales have always fascinated me. At first it was the fantasy element of fairy tales, and as I grew older it was knowing how dark and gruesome many of them really were. I've had a tendency to fracture the occasional one for my own amusement. I wrote a series of poems a couple months back focusing on that. It involved people getting arrested, and plastic surgery.
I decided to do something different, and actually write a serious story based off a fairy tale. I got the idea from reading Chekhov's "The Lady With the Pet Dog" and then the version Joyce Carol Oates wrote. Oates took a classic Russian short story, gave it a setting familiar to American audiences and wrote it from the woman's perspective. I've been doing a similar treatment to The Little Mermaid. I want to write a modernized and mature story that further explores the mermaid's character. Of course I'm leaving in all the gruesome parts.

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