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I'm a small-town poet in both written word and performance. I'm more influenced by rock and roll but I am also a lit-chick full of curiosity. My influences are far and wide and I can find writing inspiration in anything, from important matters to pure whimsy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Intro, Finally!

I set this up a couple days ago and just now got around to making an entry.

Basically, this is an introduction to my "pro" blog. I am a poet in a region known as the "North Country" smack dab in the middle of nowhere. I started writing poetry again about a year ago and have made the decision to make it into a career. Okay so I'll need to keep a day job since this makes me a starving artist, but that's okay. You don't do these things for the money.

My career so far has involved open mic performances. I was to conduct a slam at a local coffeehouse, but like with a lot of start-ups, I have to deal with disappointments as well. Nobody showed up. That's alright though, since I have plenty of supporters within the community to help me, advise me and keep me from feeling discouraged when things don't go as planned.

The reason I got this blog is to branch out basically. Yes I get attention in my own neighborhood, but if I want to share my ideas with the world I need to communicate to the rest of the world. The internet is great as a communication tool, and I plan on utilizing that. Sometime in the near future I'm going to do more social networking, I can announce events I will be at and in general just discuss life as a poet. The trials and tribulations of publishing attempts, the art community where I live, thoughts on poetry (and literature related issues, I am a literary studies major) and the world in general.

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