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Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Been Forever

Sorry I've been M.I.A. here. There hasn't been much to talk about really. My past couple events had small turnouts, but the people I do see like what's going on. Hopefully with fall coming I can have my events on a more regular schedule. Open mic nights at my regular venue will be starting again as well, so if I can sync it so that my events are a couple weeks before the open mic I should get a better reception. I was told not to fret, when the open mics started there were times when nobody would show up. It's all a matter of pressing on and tweaking things until you have the right formula.

Meanwhile a friend of mine who owns a coffee shop wants to hold open mics as well. I'm hoping he calls soon so we can start organizing things.

This is going to be a busy fall for me. Mid-September I start the school year and I'll be interning with the local paper. The main focus is going to be with their weekly arts and entertainment supplement, where I'll be scouting out possible events to cover, taking photos and helping with editing, possibly some writing. I'm looking forward to it since having negotiated what my tasks will be. I'll also be taking an advanced course literary interpretation, aside from the textbook and document packet I have six other books to read for that class. Not much of a problem since I love reading and the books look interesting. It's just the whole time factor, between the internship, the class and holding a paying job. I'm sure it'll be easier once I settle in. I'll try to fit in some writing and submitting when I get the time too. Nothing yet for publications, I sent another submission in yesterday.

So my life hasn't been too exciting, and in less than a month it's going to get very busy for a while. I'll be able to up the ante with school in the spring since I'm receiving a scholarship. I'll be able to afford an extra class without having to take out any student loans.

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